Enter the Foodverse

The Lempert Report
May 06, 2022

Phil: So what I'm gonna is, I'm gonna not drink water and plastic. I'm just gonna drink all my water in the metaverse and the foodverse because then I don't have to worry. Right. 

Sally: Exactly. Yeah. Because you're not really drinking anything or eating anything, but there is a great benefit to the food world in the metaverse. And, you know, earlier you were talking about food in TV and how it became a popular theme and all these different types of cooking shows. And I really think that this is next level for food here and for chefs and brands and restaurants to get in there and connect with consumers and a really creative way for people to learn about food. 

Phil: There's a new metaverse specifically for food. It is called One Rare and what it is, it has chefs, brands, restaurants, producers, farmers in this digital universe. They want to create a new dialogue between consumers and food professionals. And what they want to do is, right now, it's gonna expand, but there's a farmer's market, a kitchen where you can discover recipes, farmlands where farmers virtually grow all kinds of crops and much more. Here's the sad part, they've developed its own digital tokens and NFTs so that you can buy stuff either in real life restaurants or collect ingredients and follow recipes where you can have NFT artworks. I don't want an NFT artwork. What I want is, I want to be able to go on the metaverse find out about products, buy products that I can then pick up in my supermarket. 

Sally: Agreed. That seems like a better use of it.

Phil: I hope.