Exploring the Retail Metaverse

The Lempert Report
June 13, 2022

Everyone is talking about the Metaverse, but it doesn’t mean they understand what it is, exactly. The concept is still taking hold, yet it’s already an especially important topic for the CPG and retail space to pay close attention.

Phil Lempert recently led an engaging panel of industry experts as they dove into their thoughts on what the metaverse is today, how it will likely evolve and why retail stakeholders should pay close attention. In this inaugural episode you'll hear about:

  • The evolution of the metaverse and what it looks like today
  • How brands and retailers can use the metaverse NOW to attract and retain shoppers
  • Why a hybrid version of virtual and tactical can help you achieve the most success
  • How you can profit from the metaverse financially
  • Why deciding not to add the metaverse to your marketing efforts might be the worst decision you ever make

The panel includes 

Melissa Jurgens, Chief Operating Officer, InContext

Bill Gillispie, Client Delivery Partner, Microsoft

Mark Detelich, Chief Product Officer, Syndigo

Wesley Rhodes, VP Technology and R&D, Kroger