Fading Food Delivery

The Lempert Report
August 30, 2023

Instacart's IPO might be perfect timing and the reason for that is there is just a study that came out from Bloomberg that delivery is too expensive. Once you factor in the delivery fees, service fees and tips, plus the generally higher price of food due to inflation, delivery is down. Chipotle, Kava and Sweet Green have all reported significant declines in delivery sales. We don't have any number for Supermarkets, except one from Instacart. In their filing, they said that the growth of its core delivery business slowed in the first half of 2023. So they're even doing it. Chipotle's delivery decreased almost 16 percent. Red Robin is showing 12 percent. Delivery check value is down. Domino's, their delivery and they're known for delivery, declined 3.5 percent. So you know, Instacart might be really smart getting their IPO before this whole market blows up. But the question is, with all these delivery services, with all these gig workers working in delivery, what's gonna happen?

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