Fall Food Misses

The Lempert Report
October 13, 2022

Phil: It's, you know, fall. And at fall we love our pumpkin pies. We unfortunately, like pumpkin spice and there's a couple brands that we've gotta call out here. Tyson, one of America's greatest companies, greatest food companies, and I mean that very seriously has introduced spooky nuggets. Now, these are the same scrumptious, their word, not mine, chicken nugget recipe that fans know and love. It's a limited edition Halloween nugget that comes in three shapes, pumpkins, bats, and ghosts. 

Phil: It's made with a hundred percent white meat chicken. It's only available for a limited time. It is so limited, it's only out until October 14th. So you only got a couple days. And here's what I don't understand, Sally. The only way you can get these, you can't get 'em in a store. You've gotta go on their Instagram account. You've gotta make a comment, like it. It's a sweepstakes. And with all this pr, all this money, all this effort to make these things you know, and when you change a a product line to be able to make a chicken nugget in the shape of a bat, that's a big deal. That's expensive. They're only giving away 250 bags of this. I don't get it. I don't get it. 

Sally: Yes, it seems like a missed opportunity to me, because I think about, you know, my kids are a little bit older now, but I think about when they were younger, you know, this would've been a very exciting product for me to get and bring home for them. And, you know, if you're only offering this on Instagram, we have to think about the fact that Instagram is, you know, I think you have to be 13 or 14 to be on Instagram, and little kids that are going to like these kinds of nuggets are not on Instagram. So you're relying on the adults, the parents to enter the sweepstakes. And it just seems like a real missed opportunity to me. 

Phil: Absolutely. Tyson, good idea. Lousy execution. Talking about lousy executions, Hefty, you know, the people that make trash bags, have made for a limited edition trash bags that smell like pumpkin spice. I don't get it. First of all, I don't like pumpkin. I do love pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin pie. But again, this is not available in the stores. You've gotta go to heftypumpkinspice.com and you can purchase your own limited edition trash bags. But Sally, you gave me a heads up that they're not available anymore. 

Sally: They're sold out according to the website. I looked this morning. So it must be very popular. You know, maybe people like to fill those trash bags with leaves and decorate their yards and make it smell like pumpkin spice for Halloween. 

Phil: Seriously, Or they're gonna buy them and then sell 'em on eBay for twice the price, because there's enough nuts out there who want a pumpkin spice hefty bag. What can I tell you?