Fat Dogs

The Lempert Report
February 18, 2022

Phil : You know, the pandemic has taught us a lot. I think as it relates to food, but this is the first time I'm seeing anything about the pandemic as it relates to our pets. What's going on, 

Sally: Phil, I gotta share, share a story story with you because, when I saw that we were gonna be talking about, I, I looked at one of my dogs this morning and I thought, oh my gosh, you know, he's looking a little pudgy. So I did go running this morning with all three of my dogs. So, so we're working on that, but yes, we're seeing studies showing that nearly four 40% of dogs have gained weight during the COVID 19 pandemic. And, this is sort of like, you know, if the owner is gaining weight, then the pet's gaining weight. 

Phil : Absolutely. And talking about gaining weight, right before the broadcast today, I got this really cool box. It came from CocaCola and I can't drink this yet. It's a new product called Starlight. If you can see it, they have the press party, virtual press party on the 17th. So they told me I can't do it at zero sugar, not for, not for your pets, but what they also sent me is this really goofy hat. And it, it's kind of cool. So it's 

Sally: A bucket hat. Yeah. 

Phil :It's a, what hat?

Sally: A bucket hat 

Phil : Iis that what it's called? So I now have a bucket hat, a tye dye, bucket hat, but I'm not gonna put it on because I would look even more foolish with it. So, but on the 17th. So next Monday, I'll tell how Starlight actually tasted, and whether or not it's a hit or a miss.