Feed The Truth Launch May Change the CPG World

The Lempert Report
March 16, 2017

We applaud this effort by KIND to help fight fake food news.

KIND founder Daniel Lubetzky has pledged $25 million of his own money to launch "Feed the Truth" a group dedicated to reveal corporate influence in the nutrition world and will supplement those efforts with shopper education campaigns and investigative journalism. 

The launch underscores the difference between traditional "Big Food" CPG and new CPG brands that are marketed to be better for you, more transparent and more sustainable. 

Three high-profile health and nutrition experts have been enlisted to name Feed the Truth's board including our well-respected friend Marion Nestle, professor of food studies at New York University. Kind will have no involvement once the Board is selected, and the group will be free to scrutinize the company. 

The FDA warned KIND that it was inappropriately using the term "healthy" on packaging and they fought back and launched a petition asking the FDA to update its guidelines, stating that the healthy fats in almonds and avocados shouldn't count against it, and KIND declared victory when the FDA last year it would revaluate the claim.    

We applaud KIND and the Feed The Truth effort and look forward to it helping fight fake food news.