Fiber, Antioxidants and... Junk Food?

The Lempert Report
June 14, 2023

A new scientific study shows that fiber and antioxidants can counteract the effects of junk food. It's a book. Deshaun E Barnes is the author and nutrition enthusiast just wrote a book Counteract the Fat, How Scientific Studies Have Shown That Fiber and Antioxidants Can Counteract the Psychological Effects of Junk Food and Promote Cholesterol and Weight Control Without Restriction. Have not read the book. It's the award for the longest title of any food That I have ever seen in my life. But Basically, a lot of science is here. It's worth the read. We've ordered it. We'll get back to you on it, but you know, some groundbreaking research is that high-fat foods produce cholesterol related acids. They can clog arteries and raise cholesterol levels. We know that that opens the door to heart disease, and the Scientists at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine have a denit type of fiber, known as better glucans, that can counteract that effect. So this book is chock full of what you can do to counteract the effects of those foods. That doesn't mean you should go out and just eat fast food and then eat a lot of fiber antioxidants, but it's a good balance. It also talks as we've talked about here forever. Hot dogs, bacon and other Processed meats contain nitrites and over time the nitrites can open the door to pancreatic cancer by breaking down and converting It. So vitamin C and E can counteract that effect. What do you think of of this review of this book?

Sally: I am very interested in this book and what I do like about this approach is that it is It's not. It's not telling us, you know, the top line is not, you know, don't eat this. It's about what we can add to our diets, and, and that is a very positive thing. I've message for people to hear. It is true that only 5% in the of the people in the US are meeting the recommended amount of fiber that they need to have daily, so we really are looking at a very major fiber gap in our diets here in the United States. It is great to see some, even some big food companies like mandala's and unilever are adding More fiber to their products, adding iron to their products, adding antioxidants. This is great to see. While we do want to see those the sodium and the fat consumption coming down. It's encouraging to know that there's some science behind this. Now the shows that we can counteract that, that bad stuff we're eating.

Phil: Absolutely, and what we're gonna do is, when we get the book, we're gonna put some of the highlights up on supermarket guru comm for all the retailers to do it and urge your Retail Dietitians to get out there, get the book. Lots of great Information, it's easy to absorb and easy to understand and, again, it's all based on research.