Flaming Trash Barrel

The Lempert Report
October 28, 2022

Phil: There's a new store that I gotta go visit in RittenHouse Square in Philadelphia. It is called Venditore and it's from Giordano Garden Groceries. Giordanos started over a hundred years ago, actually 101 years ago as a produce stand in Philadelphia. Now this is on the third or fourth generation of the family. And what they've done is they've put together this store, in fact it reminds me a lot of of Doms in Chicago. And I think that what we're gonna start to see is a trend of these smaller stores that are really much more curated and also what they're gonna be doing is opening up, it's not, not open yet, but they're gonna be opening up a kitchen where anybody can go in and talk to their chefs and prepare their food and really, you know, celebrate food if you would. It's a store I gotta get to. 

Sally: Yes. I love this too. And I love it that they're talking about, hey, you can bring in an old recipe that you have in the family and we're gonna have chefs here that are gonna work with you and help you sort of bring that recipe back to life. So this is somewhere I've gotta go to. I love it. 

Phil: Yep. We all get field trip. Field trip,