Flavor Trends

The Lempert Report
August 17, 2022

Phil: Let's switch gears a little bit. There's a new report that came out of Mintel. And, what they're saying is that if in fact condiment brands want to succeed, they have to put more work into engage younger and more diverse audiences. What's that all about?

Sally: Yes, apparently our younger generations are not into condiments the way that we are. This study found out that younger consumers under 45 are less engaged in their older counterparts and that, you know, those over 45 tend to have six or more condiments in their fridge at any given time while those under 45 or more likely to have fewer than six product types. So this is really interesting to me. I am a huge fan of condiments. Sometimes I feel like I'm just eating a food so that it will deliver that condiment to me. But I think, you know, what we're seeing in flavor trends is we're seeing some of these condiments, these makers of condiments, branching out into more modern flavors, more interesting textures, things that maybe these younger generations will be more drawn to. 

Phil:  Yeah. I think, I mean, when I look at this report from Mintel, you know, they're talking about more restaurant centric flavors. The good news is that nearly a third of product launches that they found in 2021 carried cleaner formulation claims such as no artificial ingredients, organic, no and low positioning, significantly out-ranked supplemental claims, such as protein or fiber, not sure how much protein or fiber is in the average condiment, but I'm just wondering if a report like this gets a lot of these food companies to come up with wacko flavors that are gonna, you know, be gone in, you know, in six months because nobody's gonna buy them. 

Sally: Well, I don't know. What do you think about Hines 57's new condiment flavors that they've come up with, you know, and these, some of these are crunch sauces. So they've got that texture in there. Mandarin orange miso crunch, garlic roasted crunch, chili pepper crunch. What do you think of those? 

Phil: I'm not a big fan of Hines 57. Let me start there. I think it's interesting, you know, they also have infused honey.

Sally: Sorry. You're not from the south. That's why.

Phil: I'm not. Infused honeys, flavorful honey sauces in hot chili and black truffle. You know, that's nothing new. I think that their crunch sauces to your point is really an innovation is something new and exciting. Their honey's don't get me excited, but I'll try it. I'm gonna try the Hines 57 crunch. And, I don't know, maybe it'll make me wanna, you know, move to Georgia or something 

Sally: Maybe.