Flavrs vs. TikTok

The Lempert Report
November 18, 2022

Phil: So it looks like TikTok has a new competitor Flavrs, that's F L A V R S. There's no O in it. It's a new app that has these great videos on it. Cooking instructions as well as ingredients, as well as you press another button. And guess what happens? You can order all those ingredients right from Instacart. Now, this is something that's been talked about for a while when we launched Food Network. So that's 25, 26 years ago. Basically, someone had come with the technology that you could take your remote, you can point it at the tv if there was a food scene. Let's say you're, you know, watching The Godfather and they had all these great food scenes, you press the button and what would happen is all the ingredients for that dinner that was on the Godfather would come up on your screen, you press another button, you could buy it. Well, didn't happen then, but now, 25 years later, Flavr is doing just that. So Sally, tell us about it. 

Sally: Yes, I love this app. I'm so excited to try it. In fact, I, I downloaded it Phil and was ready to, to get it going. But there's actually a wait list for this. They are tapped out right now. So I'm on that email list to try it, but I love what the, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of this app says. His name is Alejandra Alejandro Ora. And he says that this is like a Spotify playlist for food. So you can kind of aggregate your different collections, you know, by like your French foods, your Mexican foods, your holiday foods. And I also love what he says, how this is different is that, you know, that this isn't a regular cooking app. That this is, this is an app for crazy people who live to eat. 

Phil: Right. You know, I, I think that it's gonna be home run. I've also signed up for the wait list and hopefully in a couple weeks we'll both be on it. We could revisit this but it sounds like it's a really smart idea. They've got some major money behind them. It's backed by Eric Ripert and Tom Collicchio. They also got $7 million in seed funding. The groceries are being delivered by Instacart, so they didn't have to build that infrastructure. So it's just a really smart idea from two really smart young guys. So can't wait to try it. I agree.