Focusing on Food & Fitness

The Lempert Report
June 26, 2015

Talk about making health a priority!

Suzy Monford, the new CEO of Andronico's Community Markets told Supermarket News, she's bringing her vision of food and fitness to the US grocery industry! 
How exactly? Andronico’s will soon be launching Fit Shop, a program designed to promote healthy eating by helping shoppers make better buying decisions and by providing recipes to help them serve better meals.
The Fit Shop program will offer healthy recipes gathered from Andronico’s own chefs as well as some directly from its community of shoppers. The program will kick off with a fair in which consumers can take store tours and learn how to shop to stay fit. From varying diets, low calorie, pale, mediterranean to a foods country or origin or where a local food product actually came from, the Fit Shop is looking to cater to all needs and interest of the shopper who has a focus on health and wellness. 
This new focus for Andronico's is the kind of focus all retailers should have when it comes to the health of their customers. With most shoppers sharing a growing interest in health and wellness and, millennials in particular, being interested in where food is from and a level of transparency that didn't exist before, all supermarkets would do well to act as a source of health information and guidance. Customers should trust that when it comes to their health and nutrition all their questions, concerns and needs will be met at their local supermarket.