Food Fight! U.S. vs Mexico

The Lempert Report
June 20, 2023

US vs Mexico as it relates to GMO's is a fight that probably no one ever expected, least of all the GMO companies here in the US. But it looks like this is really going to take hold, similar to what we've seen over in Europe.

Sally: Yes, this is the closest to home. I believe that this GMO debate has landed. The US, backed by Canada, will be in discussions with Mexico about their ban of consumption of human consumption of GMO corn. Now they are allowing it for use in feed for cattle and used in some non-food products. GMO corn has been banned from human consumption And their argument for this is that they believe in the studies that they have examined that there is a probable chance for carcinogens And also they are talking about protecting the bees, specifically these important pollinators that are a big part of how the agricultural system survives in Mexico.

Phil: So I'm confused about the fact that they're allowing it for feed in cattle, because when you really talk to a lot of the anti-GMO folks, they're very concerned that the GMO corn gets eaten by the cows and the cows then, either for beef or milk, basically have GMO in them. So that one just doesn't make sense to me. but I think that what's going to be really interesting about this fight is that Mexico if you take a look at what Mexico has done with nutritional labels, what they've done now with this GMO ban they're moving faster than we are on this and kudos to them for doing it.