Food Prices & Floods

The Lempert Report
April 04, 2023

New reports are telling us that our crops are getting decimated. There's been at least 12 atmospheric rivers, here in California, and we've gotta say that with the exception of strawberries, all the crops are really getting damaged. What we're seeing is a lot of crop land underwater closer to a hundred thousand acres. There's leafy greens that are being destroyed. Up in Salinas Valley a big agriculture area, 10 thousands of acres have been flooded there. And also the floods have delayed the planting of the crops themselves. So we are probably gonna have more shortages taking place than ever before. So, food prices as high as they are, they're gonna get worse. 

Sally: Yes, there are some unprecedented weather conditions happening in California right now, and it is wreaking havoc for farmers and agriculture there. California is our leading provider in the United States for fruits and vegetables, and as you mentioned, those leafy greens, those are not salvageable because of food safety issues. The farmers cannot get into plant, so they are delaying, they're predicting, a month on. They're delaying planting. So, that will mean that harvesting will come later and there will be scarcity when it comes to these products, driving those prices up. 

Phil: And there's also certain crops that are only grown in California like almonds. So we're gonna have some serious problems. And because of the water, the farmers can't even get into the fields. They can't run their tractors through there and so on. It's really gonna be an absolute mess.