Giving Serious Thought to Your Food!

The Lempert Report
June 11, 2015

Reducing at-home food waste while improving home cooking.

By now the shocking statistics of food waste here in the US is surely no surprise to you. But the question is, what can you do, on a daily basis to reduce your own, at home waste? Well guess what, thanks to some creative young minds, there’s now an app for that!  
Check out the innovative, user-friendly app aimed at reducing at-home food waste while improving the home cooking experience and even better… it saves the user time and money! 
Brianna McGuire, CEO & Co-Founder is a mobile app that is designed to help users save money and time and food waste in the home. Most people throw away food, often up to $600 each because they’ve either forgotten about the food that they’ve bought or they don’t know how to cook it. We address those two most common problems. We provide people reminders so they remember the food they bought and recipes so they know how to use it. 
Justin Woodjack, CTO & Co-Founder works by seamlessly integrating with your food purchases. Whether that’s amazon fresh, instacart or various other retailers that keep digital receipts. We then use advance algorithms and we know statistically when youre food is about to go bad. Before that happens we send you reminders with delicious healthy recipes with ways to use your food that you’ve got on hand, saving you money and time. 
Jeff Kessler, CAO & Co-Founder
When looking at addressing the issue of food waste, we understand that consumers are resistant to change and so one of the best ways to approach this is to allow for a seamless intergration with the consumers lifestyle. So the app really strives to make it as seamless and easy for the consumer to utilize features they want to really address this problem of food waste. 
 At we’re thoughtful about your food.