The Lempert Report
May 05, 2023

There's another new poll that's come out. This survey was conducted by one poll on behalf of NVTM apples, and they found that social media plays a significant role in the recipes that people are drawn to make. On average, people feel the need to post their meal on social six times per month, and nearly a quarter of them say they use YouTube and Facebook the most when it comes to finding trendy food inspiration. But there's a new term for these, three in four Americans. Tell us about that.

Sally: Well, we're looking at first of all the most alarming statistic I read out of this study, Phil, which surprised me, and I don't know why, is that the average American spends four hours of their day on social media, four hours they do, and that the average person follows at least 10 food related accounts on social media. I was so surprised by that. This is such a great opportunity for the food industry to capture the attention of these people. And 67%, said that they want to be a snack influencer themselves if they had the chance. So these people that are sharing recipes and sharing what they're eating, are really popular on social media. And we're also seeing that 73% admitted that they spend extra time preparing their meals just to make them more beautiful for social media. So there's also that feeling of accomplishment, of being able to share what you made, and I guess get some bragging rights from that.

Phil: So we've gone through yuppies, yuffies and now there's Foodmo, right? Fear of missing out on Food trends. How sad is that? Oh, well. So don't, don't feel bad. Don't miss out on food trends. Come to SupermarketGuru.com and you'll be able to see the latest in food trends.