Fooji - Tweet & Eat!

The Lempert Report
July 02, 2015

Is an emoji all you need for takeout? Find out with this latest innovation!

Is the future of food delivery as simple as an emoji? When you hear about this latest innovation you'll probably say yes! Check out this startup called Fooji that will deliver a meal based off of any food emoji a customer tweets!

Gregg Morton, Founder, CEO Fooji Fooji is the over simplification of food ordering and delivery and what we allow customers to do is tweet at us a food emoji that they're craving and we handle the rest. 

About a month ago dominos announced that they were allowing customers to order using a pizza emoji, we thought it was a cool idea but we also thought it was very limiting and there was an entire character set of emojis that could be used to order food. So we thought, how amazing would it be to make this work for the entire character set of food. 

PHIL: So since the emoji doesn't give any detailed description about the food, just an image of say… pizza…then Fooji not only picks the restaurant, but also picks the meal. A top local restaurant will be chosen to represent an emoji once a week. The question is, will customers like having the decision making taken away from them?

GREGG: We've done two private betas, one with GMA, and another one with PFSK which is kind of a consumer research firm and both experiences were positive, they loved it, they thought it was fun and engaging, and something almost like a gift they received to the office because they weren't exactly sure what they were going to get. So it was kind of a gift feeling when they received the order. So far it's been very positive.  It's definitely a new outlet for food delivery