Forget the Ritz...

The Lempert Report
September 09, 2019

The Taco Bell Hotel and Resort came to Palm Springs

Relax – it was just a 5-day popup but a brilliant marketing move that begs for more copycats.

Delish took the drive and went to Palm Springs to see what it was all about. They write that there are two kinds of fast food consumers in this world: Those who buy it, eat it, and move on with their life, and those who turn it into a lifestyle. For those in the latter camp—criteria may include wearing a fast food-themed Halloween costume, involving a chain in an important life moment, or creating a social media account dedicated to said chain—the Taco Bell Hotel and Resort really was a dream vacation come to life. From top to bottom, the V Palm Springs was decked out in Taco Bell swag and decor with about a thousand photo ops along the way. 

The five-day pop-up was called "The Bell." 

Throughout the reporter’s stay, a Taco Bell gong alerted guests when new food was coming, which was passed out by Taco Bell staff...some of whom had see-through fanny packs containing all the Fire hot sauce you could want. A poolside marquee alternated between listing off menu items and more general phrases (Stay Saucy!), doubling as yet another photo spot.

The topline? Breakfast was without a doubt the star of the show. Guests could order breakfast in bed or eat by the pool (or both). Room service included a build-your-own breakfast taco spread with eggs, bacon, potatoes, cheese, salsa, and tortillas, plus a bowl of truly delicious Cinnabon Delights.

Down by the pool, the breakfast burrito and chilaquiles were excellent and weren't too far off from what you're used to at Taco Bell—the avocado toast and fish tacos, felt more resort, less Taco Bell.  

Overall? A Brilliant idea that generated much ado about Taco bell. 

Would have made Gidget, the Taco Bell mascot jealous.