Fostering Friendships #FoodNotPhones

The Lempert Report
September 18, 2023

The Friendship Project is a wonderful program in Massachusetts, and it's like a Big Sister/Big Brother program, but for adults, and they're primarily focusing on adults with disabilities, adults with Down syndrome, adults with autism.

So what this organization is doing is taking volunteers, they're doing full background checks and vetting all of the people that apply to do this and then they're matching them up with someone who is experiencing loneliness and needs a connection, and they do things like go out for coffee or go bowling or go and exercise together, take a walk, and it's a wonderful program.

So this is a wonderful way to connect people together and, as we're doing with Food Not Phones, we want to encourage people to put down those phones when they're sharing meals together and make that face-to-face contact and really start having conversations with each other, not through our phones but face-to-face.

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