Free Delivery

The Lempert Report
September 15, 2022

Phil: The Motley fool, one of their services called the Ascent, has announced three food delivery services that we can get for free. What are those? And are they really a good deal? And are they really free? 

Sally: Well, this sounds really cool. And I'm surprised that I haven't heard of any of these yet, but I'm excited to see how they pan out. Joining GrubHub+ you can get a membership through them which normally costs, $9.99 a month. I think is what it is. But if you have the membership, you do not pay the delivery fee when you order. And you can get that if you are an Amazon prime member for one year for free. You can also get it if you are an eligible Bank of America credit card holder. So, you know, there's one way to do it. Now, just let's take GrubHub as an example for a moment. I did go through my GrubHub orders so far for this year, and I added up what my delivery fees were, and mine did not come up to much more than $12. However, the service fees on these orders, so there's the delivery fee, which is around $2.99, $2.49, but the service fee is over $6. You don't get to pass on the $6 service fee if you have the membership. So let's be clear about that 

Phil: And you don't get rid of the tip. 

Sally: Yes. And you still pay a tip. But you are saving on that $2.99 or that $2.49. Now there's another one that we saw in here that is from Uber. You can use your Disney+ subscription to get a free Uber One membership for up to six months. Now Uber's delivery fees can often be a lot better because they do this great thing on their website where they kind of list the ones that have the really low delivery fees in the beginning, you know, on the first columns, when you look at it. So when I looked at my Uber fees, the delivery fees were 99 cents, 49 cents. And it really didn't add up to again, much more than $12 I've spent on delivery fees this year. But if you are ordering a lot of Uber eats, then this could really help you out. You could save a lot of money. Another one that, we looked at is Door Dash and their Dash Pass membership is $9.99 a month. Now, if you have a Chase credit card, and I'm not sure specifically which ones, but an eligible Chase credit card, then you can get three months for free. Sometimes on some of them, you can get a year for the Dash Pass. 

Phil: And we're really starting to see, and I think Walmart plus, you know, has started this a few months ago. We're really starting to see a lot of these organizations trying to give more. When you do have membership, you know, probably every day, I'm getting an email from one of my credit cards offering me something. As far as a rebate, even my bank, Wells Fargo, now has, when I visit the website, probably about 12 or 13 different brands that if I use my debit card to buy something, I get a bonus or I get a discount or something like that. So it really takes some time to go through these, but it could be worth it. But ding, ding, ding, Hey, Mr. Food retailer, Mr. Grocery chain, why aren't you doing this? Why as part of your frequent shopper card program, are you not offering, whether it's six months of subscription to Disney+ or another streaming service or something, or even free delivery on your own delivery services. So I think that supermarkets are a bit behind on this whole concept and it's time for them to merchandise and get up to speed because everybody else is gonna pass 'em by.