Fresh Food. Happy People. Leanbox

The Lempert Report
February 05, 2015

Find out how you can get healthy, interesting & convenient food options at your work.

Finding interesting, inexpensive and convenient lunch options when you're in the middle of a busy work day, can be tough.  Which is why two young entrepreneurs decided it was time for a change and came up with an innovative solution: LeanBox.

Shea Coakley Co-Founder, LeanBox LeanBox is really trying to solve an age old problem, which is access to healthy food.  In the corporate service woeld, traditionally you’ve had 2 buckets that you could pull from.  One, you have vending machines.  Chips, soda, candy.  And then on the other end of the spectrum you have these massive cafeterias.  They’re not really feasible for the majority of the market, companies that are under a thousand people.

 So in short, that’s what LeanBox is.  Leanbox is the portal to have healthy fresh natural  food where you want it, when you want it for offices that are smaller than a thousand people.  I worked in a 9 to 5 , or what is it an 8 to 6 or 7 to 7 type environment.  And we were a smaller office.  We didn’t have a big corporate cafeteria where we go down and get lunch.  And days are busy.  It’s no longer work/life balance.  It’s work/life blend.

What initially started this whole journey for us was, we’re not health nuts but we wanted access to healthy, cool, unique foods and we didn't have it in our own offices, so we thought there's gotta be a better way to do this." 

PHIL: And for the Founders of LeanBox, its not just about convenience, it's about seeking out and offering up some of the most innovative food products.

SHEA: The big thing for us is getting stuff into the machine that slightly ahead of the market. The best example is if coconut water is starting to take hold, maybe maple water and artichoke water is something that could turn someone’s eye at a corporate office. Leanbox is always trying push the barrier a little bit.  Trying to introduce people to stuff that they wouldn’t otherwise, may not have heard of or may not be mainstream.  

The other version of that is introducing food startups that don’t have a mass market.  So for example we worked with 2 local Northeastern students that were doing an edible coffee that was a really cool product, but there’re not in any grocery chains yet.  They’re not in any chain store.  We can take their product and quickly introduce them to a ton of offices all in one swoop.  So, it's all about making the LeanBox experience a discovery experience." 

At LeanBox we're really just trying to change the way the American workforce eats"