From Air Pollution Flavored Meringues to Pizza Boxes That Turn Into Film Projectors...

The Lempert Report
June 10, 2015

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Looking for a taste of the city? Try the "aeroir." meringue. The meringue, which is 90% air, is made from re-created urban smog from four different cities and was served at the appropriately named "Smog Tasting" food cart  at the Ideas City Festival in New York City. You may be wondering why? Well it was created by the Center for Genomic Gastronomy and the blog Edible Geography in order to make the concept of air pollution less abstract!
If you or your kids love legos, you'll be happy to hear that stackable, edible legos now exist! In the youtube video by DIY scientist Grant Thompson he shows us how to use  Lego-shaped ice cube trays, a silicon-based mold shaped out of real Lego bricks, and  a little heated jell-o mixture! Easy, stackable and edible! The only hard part? Not snacking on them as you go!
Pizza hut is making movie night really easy! Check out the Blockbuster Box! A new design from Pizza Hut and Ogilvy & Mather Group Hong Kong which turns a pizza box into a film projector! The container houses a special lens in the "pizza saver" disc that sits in the middle of the pie, place the lens on the side of the box and, bingo! You can project short films through your mobile phone!  So far, the box has just  debuted in Hong Kong,  but standby America, I'm sure it's not far away!