From McDonalds all day breakfast to FatWater

The Lempert Report
October 14, 2015

Find out the latest from this week in food news.

The latest craze in water is… FATWater! Developed by entrepreneur Dave Asprey, the man behind the Bulletproof Coffee trend, for $3.95 you can purchase a bottle of water mixed with fat, sweetener and some flavors. The beverage has 20-calories and according to Asprey, in addition to giving you a little extra energy, the water is more hydrating than plain water because the nanoparticles of fat “bring the water into the cells more effectively.” FATwater can be bought bottled or in a concentrated gel that you mix with water yourself.

McDonald's satisfied countless customers last week by finally expanding their breakfast menu hours to "all day"! 14, 300 McDonald’s locations are offering the all-day breakfast in an effort to make the chain a “modern, progressive” burger company. McDonald’s said in a statement, “depending on the local market, All Day Breakfast will have a limited menu that focuses on either McMuffin or Biscuit items. This decision is made at the local level based on customer preference.” So if you're a hotcakes fan or a hash brown fan check out your local McDonalds!

According to the Washington Post, about 47 percent of all edible seafood in the U.S. went to waste between 2009 and 2013. Why? Generally because shoppers and restaurants simply don’t cook it before it spoils. And guess what? That 2.3 billion pounds of seafood thrown in the trash each year would provide enough protein for 10 million people for a year.