From Vivid Emotions to Free Food

The Lempert Report
January 21, 2015

This week in Food News

Vivid Ads For Vivid Emotions.
 If you like vivid food ads that probably means you're someone with intense emotions! At least that's what David Moore and Sara Konrath of the University of Michigan tell us. They conducted experiments where people with really strong emotions becomes increasingly hungry after hearing this description of Cinnabon rolls’ “delicate glaze melting over the warm and gooey spirals of dough,”. Could anyone resist though? 
Free Food for Good Looks
A restaurant in Zhengzhou, China, is offering a promotion for..wait for it… "good looking" customers only! A team of plastic surgeons assess the facial features of customers, and if you make the cut, you'll get a free meal! No surprise that the promotion has faced opposition from people who say it's ruining the towns reputation!

Chipotle Takes a Stand
Last week Chipotle suspended purchases from a pork producer that didn't abide by it's welfare standards. Holding  true to it's "food with integrity" policy, this move by Chipotle should strengthen it's appeal to the socially conscious customer, although there's also the potential for lost sales to hurt their first quarter earnings.

Philly Pizza Pays It Forward
Pizza lovers in Philadelphia are paying it forward with Rosa's Fresh Pizza's "pay it forward" pizza program. Customers can donate $1 so homeless members in the community could get a slice, which costs $1. The owner originally kept track of the paid for slices with post it notes on the wall, but then it got too full! Over the past nine months, customers have bought 8,400 slices of pizza for their homeless neighbors!