Giant's Local Impact

The Lempert Report
January 12, 2023

Phil: Giant food in Washington DC, one of my favorite chains, has a new brand campaign called Find Your Local. And what they're doing is they're going out and finding over a thousand different items from more than a hundred local vendors to be able to put in their 165 supermarkets to really promote local. And what we know, especially as we're going through all these weather situations throughout the US over the past few weeks, the more local that we can purchase, the easier the supply chain is, the more product we can get on the shelves. And especially when it comes to, you know, produce items, it has more nutrients, more flavor, and it's less expensive. 

Sally: Yes. And I, I love that Giant Food has created this campaign and that they've got a thousand items for more than a hundred local vendors. What I also love about it is in order to create their commercials, they used local people to produce and create their commercials. So, you know, when we look at the food products at Giant, working with local people to create their ads, what they're doing is they're supporting their community. And we know that we have so many new food entrepreneurs out there, it's very, very competitive and difficult to get on those supermarket shelves. But if you've got somebody like Giant Food helping you get your products in the store, then we're really helping those communities and we're really helping those new food business owners. 

Phil: And also it's a great model for other retailers to follow. I mean, I know Hy-Vee has a local event where people can go and pitch there and other retailers are doing it as well. But, we really need to have a much more concerted effort.