Global Rice Shortage

The Lempert Report
April 27, 2023

We've got a major problem here in California but I don't wanna focus just on California. California is a major supplier of rice because of all the rains here. The rice crop this year is basically a third less, but then when we go overseas, China is the number one country that produces rice there. They've had droughts. So what we're gonna see is we're gonna see less rice that's out there, higher prices of rice, and it's predicted some people are predicting that it might be over by the year 2025 but I know at least in California, it's not gonna be over yet. 

Sally: Yes, this this crisis with rice production does seem to be something that is going to affect everyone worldwide. The war in Ukraine, and as you mentioned extreme weather issues, whether it's heat waves El Nino has a big effect on of this and as in California, there have been the atmospheric rivers, we've seen flooding across the globe. So there are a lot of weather issues here at play that are affecting this. Now the prediction is that it's going to get worse, but then it's going to get better. So let's hope that that's the way it is, that it's kind of like our eggs situation that we've seen where we saw our eggs go way up in price, but now they're starting to come down and things are getting better.