Go Easy On The Pasta Sauce

The Lempert Report
June 24, 2016

In a bold, and smart move, the Folks that bring us Snickers announce a healthier initiative.

Mars Food announced its plans to label some of its Dolmio pasta sauces, macaroni cheese and other products as fit for consumption only once a week due to high levels of salt, sugar or fat. 

This follows not only Mars commitment to healthier eating as we have seen in their confectionery products but also follows leadership initiatives by others in Big Food like Campbell Soup.  

Mars, which also produces Uncle Ben's rice, told NBC News that it plans to post on its website within the next few months a list of "occasional" products, and "everyday" products, including ones to be reformulated over the next five years to reduce sodium, sugar or fat. In addition to reducing sodium and sugar in some products they also say they will boost the use of whole grains and vegetables. 

The announcement brought headlines and shock to competitors who wondered what Mars was starting, and whether this was the beginning of the end. It’s a smart move that not only brings a better nutritional profile to the masses, but also offers consumers, especially Millennials, a reason to admire and buy products from one of America’s great brands and family run companies. Brands are learning, doing the right thing over the long-term is good business.