Good News For Coffee Lovers!

The Lempert Report
July 15, 2015

Dunkin Donuts is getting a brand new cup… and which American cookie is getting a makeover? Find out, next!

New York's ban on Styrofoam is taking effect and one of the first things coffee lovers will notice? Dunkin’ Donuts have a new cup! 
Instead of being made from familiar Styrofoam, it's made of plastic: polypropylene which is recyclable in contrast to notoriously wasteful Styrofoam. In a statement, Dunkin' Donuts said they will "continue to evaluate and test all available cups until we believe we have found the best solution based on cost, performance, commercial viability and environmental impacts," and that the company will make a decision on the new cups by the end of 2015.

Coffee lovers rejoice! 
According to a report recently presented at the European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation's 2015 meeting, drinking three to five cups of coffee per day could cut an individual's risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by up to 21 percent. And what’s more, further research shows it may prevent heart disease from developing in the first place. The report was published by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee. 

Oreo’s are changing things up again. Just this past Monday (July 13th) “Oreo Thins” were unveiled.  Described as "thin and crispy sandwich cookies”, these goodies are about half the width of the original, though the circumference remains the same and they come in original, golden and mint varieties. They'll retail for $4.59. So are they the diet version?! Not officially, but good news, you can eat four of them for 140 calories, as opposed to just three regular Oreos for 160 calories!