Google Lies

The Lempert Report
May 11, 2023

Google is under scrutiny. We all live and breathe by Google but basically what they decided to do in 2021, they would stop running ads alongside videos and other content that denied the existence and cause of climate change. But guess what, Google is still running those ads. 

Sally: Yes, it does appear that if you're watching your videos on YouTube and you see these ads beforehand, but some advertisers may not want those ads to run alongside, someone who is putting out information like that. Now many of us in this country believe in freedom of speech on these platforms, and I for one as well, believe that that is important. But, if these people that are buying ad time, these companies buying ad time, I think that they should be able to decide whether or not they want their ads to be, in front of content like that. And I'm not sure what sort of system they have in place to guarantee advertisers that you're only going to be paired up with certain types of content. 

Phil: I don't think that currently they have that as an option. I think that, and people just wanna be able to get a share of that revenue, but in today's world, with everything that's going on, for us to be fighting climate change when all around us, whether it's weather, whether it's storms, floods, whatever, that we keep on talking about, for anybody to be putting out stuff that devoids climate change, that to me is a food crime. Matter of fact. It just doesn't, make a a lot of sense to me.