Grocerants May Be Closed In Most Supermarkets, But….

The Lempert Report
September 16, 2020

It may be time to take a look at the foods shoppers will want once they reopen.

Americans overall give top marks to Chinese food, where it remains the most popular take out foods in the over populated Northeast part of the country. Mexican is number two. Both are available and affordable.

Chef’s Pencil, a foodie blog started by professional chefs, used Google data to determine the most popular ethnic cuisines in the country. And here is what they found: Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisines are gaining U.S. fans. 

One reason?

In 2002 Thailand’s government started training chefs and sending them out to share their cuisine with the world. The aim of the "Global Thai" culinary diplomacy program was to boost the number of Thai restaurants worldwide.

Millennials, now the nation’s largest age group, are helping drive a desire for more diverse food experiences and are more likely to share their experiences widely on social media.

Millennials are also much more health conscious and savor cuisines that are less meat heavy, and they love to discover new cultures.

Ethnic food continues, for the most part, to be cheaper than American food and certain ethnic cuisines like French food, which is considered to be more upscale.

As the recession continues, and your grocerant reopens, consider these cuisines as a way to lure your shoppers back in.