Grocery Shopping with Popcart

The Lempert Report
April 02, 2015

Need a new innovative tool to help you shop…and cook?

 Whether you’re a foodie or not, there’s nothing better than innovative technology to help make cooking more efficient.  Which is why we were interested in this new tool; Popcart!
Andrea Cutright - Founder, Popcart
Popcart is an online widget.  Where is sees the recipe you’re reading online, grabs all the products and sends those ingredients to your online grocer automatically. We created Popcart to solve this problem that we all have.  I’m sure you’ve grocery shopping, came home and forgot a key ingredient.  Or you sat down and ordered from your online grocer, relieved with joy when stuff finally shows up.  But then you realize you didn’t actually order anything where you can make dinner.  And Popcart takes care of what you want to cook and moves it quickly into a shopping cart so you’re a more successful cook in the end.
There are three really simple steps.  Go to GetPopcart dot com and install the bookmarklet.  Anytime you’re on a recipe online that bookmarklet will light up and you can click it or read the recipe ingredients and it will show you all the ingredients for that recipe.  You choose what you want and it will automatically pre-fill your online grocery cart with one click.  

Phil: At the moment, Popcart's only available in places where FreshDirect operates, but there are plans to expand:

Andrea: We rolled out last week with Roche Bros.  in the Boston markets and we have plans to roll out in every major city in the US by the end of the year.  There have never been more options for people to grocery shop today.  That puts more pressure on grocery stores to be where their customers are and more & more that’s online and using digital services.
By partnering with technology companies like Popcart, they can grow their businesses and expand it.  Right now we’re connecting them with all that great recipe content online that’s developed by bloggers and pinned to Pinterest boards.  And that’s the kind of technological service that should be right in grocers wheelhouse.  That they can be rolling out these services to customers without having to develop a whole new set of infrastructure.
Popcart is built to take some real pain out of the chore of getting dinner to the table by letting you pre-fill your grocery cart with exactly the things that you want to cook.  It’s shopping for recipe in a snap.