Grubhub 2022 Delivered

The Lempert Report
December 22, 2022

Phil: And talking about delivery, GrubHub has come up with the top trends in delivery for 2022. What's interesting and what they do is they analyze millions of, so these are what people actually bought. So 4 million times burritos were bought, and that makes it the number one top order of the year. That's a little surprising to me. I wouldn't expect a burrito to be number one, would you? 

Sally: Well, I wouldn't expect it to be number one but I get it. You know, you can put anything in a burrito, you can be a vegetarian and eat a burrito. You can eat meat and eat a burrito. So that doesn't surprise me. What I love about reading about how GrubHub is saying burritos were number one. I like how Chipotle got involved in this as well in celebrating the burrito being so big. They're such a smart brand when it comes to interacting with their consumers digitally. And so they're offering $5 off orders, $20 or more from GrubHub during the month of December to celebrate the burrito. 

Phil: Yeah. And just to give you some other ideas of the top dishes, number two is cheeseburger, three cheese pizza, four padThai, five chicken quesadilla. The top breakfast order was sausage, egg and cheese sandwich. Thank you McDonald's for introducing us to that. Top late night orders, talking about orders 10:00 PM and later, number one is a chicken quesadilla, fried chicken sandwich cheeseburger, mozzarella sticks and cheese pizza. The top dessert was tiramisu. The top alcohol was beer, followed by margarita. And hot sake, I'm surprised at the hot sake. Top coffee order was iced coffee, not hot coffee. Hot coffee was number two. The top milk alternatives I found really interesting, and we've seen this at at Starbucks as well. Number one is oat milk, thanks Oatly and all their advertising, I guess. Almond milk number two, coconut milk number three, soy milk number four, cashew milk number five. The top trending cuisine I found really odd, number one was Australian. What kind of cuisine does Australia have? I mean, Australia is like America, you know, so I don't know what Australian cuisine could be. 

Sally: I'm very curious. When I read this, I was surprised. And now I am so curious. I'm gonna research what the Aussie's eat 

Phil: Yeah, we have to find that. Also, if you're a prime Amazon member, don't forget, you can still sign up for one year GrubHub trial membership for free for a year. Just go to So thank you GrubHub for sharing those with us, and we're gonna find out what Australians are eating.