Has Kraft Heinz Crossed A Line?

The Lempert Report
September 11, 2023

On today's Bullseye, Kraft Heinz, in my opinion has crossed the line. They say that they want  to help kids read while eating snacks. According to Mashed, the company has created FUNdamental Textbooks, and the best part is they're free! The company has books with snacks tucked away on the inside. For instance, their Jiggleometry book, a play on geometry, teaches kids about shapes and non shapes. Tucked inside of the book is a container of Jell-O. Cute! The book Nibbleonomy is about astronomy, helping kids learn about the universe. Inside this book is a cup of Kraft Mac & Cheese. There's a book called Stackonomics, about economics, and it has a Lunchable inside it. Slurpstory, a funny book about history has a slurpable Capri Sun inside. Kraft Heinz is donating $10 to the non-profit organization First Book. Every FUNdamental Texbook that's ordered, $10 goes to the non-profit. Kraft Heinz is also donating $50,000 to the organization. Yes I think that Kraft Heinz is doing a service for our kids - But seriously can't they do it with healthier, better for you foods? There is no reason with their vast portfolio that they couldn't choose foods that were less processed and that kids would like. Seriously, Jell-o?