Healthy-Sized Portions

The Lempert Report
August 05, 2022

Phil: But you know, a new report come out from the future market insights. And they anticipate that the portion packs this time around is gonna hit 3.6 billion this year and grow to 7.3 billion by 2032. And what they're saying is really because of the pandemic, we got used to packaging in single servings. And as a result of that, we're not gonna move away from it, whether it's because of the pandemic or frankly, you know, to save money, or to eat healthier, any of those things are just not gonna happen. You know, PepsiCo noted in its earnings released this month, that small formal snacks are seeing huge growth, especially products with full sugar in them. Danon known for yogurts like Activia, Danon, Okios is seeing heightened demand and popularity, different formats beyond the cups of yogurt. We're just seeing everybody getting into these small packs again.

Sally: Yes. And, you know, it does make sense on the heels of a pandemic. I can say as a mother, I am exhausted from preparing food and you know, just all of the things that came along with the pandemic. And so, it makes sense that, you know, people want a break, just, they just want something to be easy. It's portion control. It's great for kids, but then on the other hand, you know, there's the other side, which I wonder, you know, how, what will be the effect of this is there's the planet conscious people.

Phil: Yep.

Sally: And those mini packs, you know, I know some of my planet conscious friends would give me the stink eye if I had, you know, a mini bottle of water or something like that, you know, because that would not be taking care of a planet in their mind. So, you know, so there's the waste issue as well. So maybe we can find a balance in that, you know, materials that, and packaging that are used, that aren't that are recyclable and so that we can enjoy buying food this way.

Phil: Yeah. And, and there's a lot of new packaging materials that plant-based packaging and so on. And we really need to, to explore that.