How Consumers Respond to Purchase Influencers

The Lempert Report
February 21, 2014

Consumers tend to respond to retailer offers that are designed to drive trips and volume

When it comes to stretching the household budget, shoppers are opportunists when they buy food.  As such, consumers tend to respond to retailer offers that are designed to drive trips and volume.  

According to The National Grocers Association-SupermarketGuru 2014 Consumer Survey Report the Top 4 reactions to purchase influencers, for the third consecutive year, are:

1: Stock up on an item when you find a bargain

2: Look in newspapers for grocery specials

3: Participate in a supermarket frequent shopper program or savings club programs 

4: Buy products on special even if you hadn’t planned to buy them that day

Landing in the Top 5 list of reactions to purchase influencers for the first time was “Buy only what’s on your list”. Respondents that stock up most when they find bargains are:  two-person households, the highest-income households of $165,001+ per year, seniors 65 and older, and the heaviest grocery spenders of $101+ per week.

And incase retailers need any more convincing about the power of digital, NGA-SG research also shows that social networks and apps also weigh in as purchase influencers – and they are generally on the rise. For example:

Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are all on the rise and Instagram notches 2.5% in its first appearance on our survey list. And these gains should continue, as retailers and brands continue to improve their digital presence.