How much are American's planning on spending this Valentine’s Day?

The Lempert Report
February 11, 2015

And ever tasted "Desert Wildflowers" or "Salted Satsuma"? Check out some of the latest flavor trend predictions.



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American's Increase Spending this Valentine’s Day!  Valentine’s Day is almost here and according to a survey from the National Retail Federation, Americans plan to spend an average of $142.31 on gifts this year - that's about $8 more than last year! So where's all this money going? More than half of survey respondents say they plan to buy…you guessed it, candy!

A Burrito for a Kiss? And speaking of Valentines Day…burrito eatery Qdoba has an interesting promotion to help spread the love. They are promising a free burrito… if you kiss someone on demand. First you have to buy a burrito, and then for that freebie you can either smooch the person with you, or if you're alone, they suggest you kiss a "willing stranger"! The chain is introducing a new sauce next week, and the promotion is meant to get people to try the new sauce and celebrate Valentine’s Day. Good luck!

Even Infants are Eating Badly According to researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a new analysis of foods sold for infants and toddlers bad eating habits are starting way too young. Researchers found that about one-third of dinners made for toddlers contained at least one kind of added sugar, as did 97% of breakfast pastries and cereal bars. Even 88% of juices and other drinks marketed for infants and toddlers are spiked with added sugar. Nutritional information was gathered from more than 200,000 prepared foods as well as additional products found in supermarket aisles.

Trendy New Flavors for 2015! And finally, if you're wondering what flavor trends are going to be big this year, check out Sensient Flavors flavor trends forecast! They've isolated 8 up and coming flavors using their "Trends to Taste" program, and there's everything from; "Smoked Chantilly" – Smoked, roasted or burnt flavors paired with vanilla- or brandy-infused Chantilly cream to "Desert Wildflowers" to "Salted Satsuma" – the perfect balance of sweet and savory?