How Twitter Continues to Change Food

The Lempert Report
May 02, 2019

Hilarious Tweets from parents and kids while grocery shopping

Taylor Pittman writes in the Huff Post how parents are coping with grocery shopping with kids through Twitter.

The list of Tweets are longer than we can cover here, 21 in all – so be sure to check them out in the Huff Post column.  Here are just a few:

Me: Quiet down or we're going straight home.

Kids: Yeah!

Me: Quiet down or we're staying here forever

Kids: *silence*


I love it when my kid loudly asks me things like “why is your butt shaking?” while we’re grocery shopping. Awesome, kiddo!


The loudest sound on Earth is my child asking an inappropriate question about another customer at the grocery store.

 How about

Is anything slower than a toddler walking through a grocery store. Yes. A toddler walking backwards through a grocery store. 

And my favorite:

Kids begged me to let them do self check out at the grocery store & I'm pretty sure our milk will expire before we finish this adventure.

Be sure to check out the entire list – and feel free to add those experiences you see in your store to our twitter feed - @PhilLempert and we will pick the best, or most hilarious 5 – and send you an oversize SupermarketGuru canvas tote bag.