I want this robot!

The Lempert Report
November 11, 2016

PeppAR is a robot that is a waiter and takes your order while holding a menu that is on a tablet.

Using augmented reality, the tablet also previews your food with a 3D hologram that you can see on your phone or tablet once you download their app. 

Developed by Yosun Changan intrepid hacker, PeppAR Waiter uses the SoftBank robot Pepper and Chang’s own augmented reality service — Holo Yummy— to create a futuristic ordering experience. According to Tech Crunch - food ordered and previewed successfully! After which Pepper will then bring you your order once it’s done.   

Tech Crunch has seen Pepper in action before – but never with the augmented reality. Yosun used a menu from Chef Dominique Crenn’s trendy (and pricy) San Francisco restaurant Atelier Crenn, which is already on the Holo Yummy platform. Yosun hopes that her technology could have a place in high-end restaurants or hotels, where customers want to know what they are getting before it comes and would appreciate the robotic service.   

To date we have seen many examples of robots being used in fast food or quick serve restaurants as a way to reduce labor and increase productivity.  This is the first time we are seeing it being used to enhance the experience and perhaps attract a customer who is looking for not only great food but a glimpse into what the future could be.