Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat Want to Eliminate Meat in our Future

The Lempert Report
September 02, 2020

Let the plant based burger wars begin.

Impossible Foods founder and CEO Patrick Brown told CNBC that the meat industry is in the midst of a reckoning. As more consumers seek out healthier food options, Brown is convinced that the animal-based market will be obsolete within the next two decades.

I’ve met with Ethan Brown (no relation) the CEO of Beyond Meat and his position is about the same.

“From a nutritional standpoint our products match the protein quality and content of the animal products that they replace” and “ours is a clear winner from a health and nutrition standpoint,” Impossible Foods CEO Patrick Brown told CNBC.

“This is why I think people are increasingly aware plant-based products are going to completely replace the animal-based products in the food world within the next 15 years,” he said in CNBC’s “Mad Money” interview. He added that “That’s our mission. That transformation is inevitable.”

Impossible Foods has created yet another partnership with partnership with Starbucks this time to carry the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich at most of their 15,000+ US locations. The Impossible Breakfast Sandwich is a plant-based sausage topped with a cage-free fried egg and aged cheddar cheese on artisanal ciabatta bread.

Impossible Foods’ products can also be found in Burger King, Qdoba, White Castle, Red Robin and other restaurants as well as supermarkets including Kroger.

But in ads in the Wall St. Journal, New York Times and other papers, Lightlife President Dan Curtin announced a new “Clean Break” campaign to highlight the latest version of their plant-based burger—a vegan patty reformulated to have just eleven ingredients.

In an open letter to market leaders  Curtin wrote, “Enough with the hyper-processed ingredients, GMOs, unnecessary additives and fillers, and fake blood.” He goes on to write that Lightlife is making a “clean break” from “food tech companies” to use simpler ingredients and methods.

Let the plant based burger wars begin.