In The UK A New Vending Machine Is Free

The Lempert Report
February 06, 2018

That is if you are homeless.

The Daily Mail reports that up to 100 homeless people are able to choose three items a day including socks, sanitary towels and sandwiches courtesy of the Nottingham charity, Action Hunger. Right now there is only one machine, but the charity hopes to role them out throughout Britain. 

The way it works is that a traceable key card is distributed at shelters in person and no doubt they will be able to evaluate who is choosing which items and use those metrics to refine the program. 

Charity trustee Huzaifah Khaled, who believes the machine is the first of its kind in the UK and world, said: 'We chose Nottingham because it's the city that I grew up in and have a deep affinity for, but we do plan on installing [a vending machine] in Manchester, then London and Birmingham.' 

It's a very smart idea that not only helps solve the needs of this population but allows them dignity to select the foods and other items they need rather than a shelter just treating everyone as if they all have the same needs. We will be watching the test across the pond and hope the results are spectacular enough to make it over to the US.