Innovative vending machines

The Lempert Report
July 10, 2014

From Pizza to lettuce to Caviar - the concept of the vending machine has excelled way beyond chocolate bars and potato chips.

Countless forward thinking minds have created some of the most innovative vending concepts worldwide and making some unique foods convenient for those on the go.

  "Let's Pizza"!  is the world's first Pizza Vending Machine. This European gem kneaded dough, added tomato sauce and toppings -  all in less than 3 minutes!  The kiosk was pretty popular so now, the innovative company that conceived the idea - A 1 Concepts - is working on a new model. So, you'll have to be patient but the next generation of pizza automated retail kiosks should be opening by the end of this year.

Forget snacks, what about lettuce! A lettuce growing vending machine has become infamous in Japan. Called Chef's Farm, this was developed by Dentsu and can produce 60 heads of lettuce per day (or 20,000 heads per year) grown under 40 watt fluorescent lighting housed in a chrome housing that can be stored conveniently in any restaurant.

And perhaps one of the product you least expect to find in a a vending machine - caviar!! Check this out from "Beverly Hills Caviar" - it's a "Caviar Automated Boutiques". This unique machine offers more than a dozen types of caviar from all over the world. Given to you in shiny containers you can purchase anything from  25 grams (around $25) to party boxes of 400 grams ($999.95).

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