Instagram Food Shift

The Lempert Report
October 13, 2022

Phil: And even if we look into social media and we talk about the social trends, look at how food and pictures of food have driven Instagram to the heights that it has. But now there's a change even on Instagram that we're moving away from these, you know, very well staged, produced photos. That people would spend 10, 15 minutes in a restaurant staging everything perfectly, to now being, you know, much more casual, much more natural as it relates to our Instagram food photos. And it seems to be working. And, you know, a major shift here. 

Sally: Yes, we are not seeing as many of those perfectly staged photos, or we're not seeing those accounts getting as many likes and followers. There is a more casual vibe. It's more of a photo dump of you making the food including how your kitchen gets messy, how you get messy. This it seems to be very much in line with a social media trend that is growing right now among our younger generation called Be Real. And we've talked about Be Real before, you know, the difference in this platform is that, you know, I'm not posing for a picture, I'm just taking a picture of what I am right now in this moment. And so this, this whole new casual vibe, I think we're seeing it in fashion as well right now is really interesting. So maybe we don't have to work so hard at making those pictures look perfect. 

Phil: Yeah. And not only working so hard, but putting on a facade of ourselves, whether it's through the food, whether it's in fashion of who I really am versus just taking a picture.