Interactive Food Map

The Lempert Report
December 01, 2023

The CU Boulder and the Plot Line has created a new product called Food Twin. It's a digital twin of the country's already sprawling and potentially fragile food system and basically it's a map where you can look where the food comes from, from 25 critical food crops, where it's coming from to your area and how it flows both here in the US and overseas, and it's really interesting because when they chose how fragile and how precarious our food network is. So from an education standpoint, I think that this is great. People can really understand the path. That's what we did with Food Sense on PBS over 10 years ago following our food, so that people pretend aware of that path that our foods travel and with that, really align them to understanding why we need more vertical farms, why we need more indoor farming and bring out closer to where people are consuming. But I have some issues with it...

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