Is Animal Agriculture About To Change?

The Lempert Report
July 12, 2018

A recent TEDx talk examines the problems of animal farming - and how humanity can overcome it.

Jacy Reese is the Research Director at Sentience Institute, a think tank researching the most effective strategies to expand humanity's moral circle gave a recent Tedx Talk proclaiming that the end of animal farming is coming. 

Calling animal farming an 'urgent social issue', Reese outlines some of the major problems - including the cost (animal ag is subsidized to the tune of $38 billion by the US Government every year), the environmental cost, and of course the immeasurably suffering experienced by animals trapped in this system. 

And then there is the whole plant-based movement that members of which are making a dent in the animal ag world’s sales. 

Change is possible, according to Reese, who calls finding a solution to ending our reliance on animal ag 'a fascinating intellectual problem'.

He says: "The most powerful tool we have is innovation: the amazing thing is, we don't have to give up meat, dairy or eggs to end animal farming.

"Think about it - what's meat? It's fat, protein, water, and trace minerals. All of these ingredients are readily available in the plant kingdom, they are just not assembled in the traditional architecture of meat." 

Just one more reason that we should all be watching cellular agriculture carefully and doing all we can to promote its growth and success.