It’s Time To Get To Know Agroy

The Lempert Report
July 06, 2018

Agroy is a e-commerce platform that lets farmers connect with other farmers and find wholesale products from around the globe.

In an interview with The Spoon, Brand McDonald, co-founder, equates his company as an Amazon-type platform that makes agricultural products avaialbe and affordable - the company’s LinkedIn page calls itself “a price freedom fighter for farmers.” 

Products include things like fertilizer, chemicals, and seed. Agroy tod The Spoon that it has also provided animal feed and even pigs in the past. The overarching goal, says McDonald, is to “provide any product a farmer writes a check for.” 

“The goal is when a farmer logs into their account they can be confident the products are not only the cheapest in their area, they’re the cheapest in the world,” he says. For example, a farmer in Texas might log into their account be able to find and buy fertilizer from Iowa for a better price than they would find in their own area. 

Farmers sign up for Agroy for free. Agroy negotiates with companies on the price at which goods are sold as well as areas where those goods will be available.   

The company was started in Finland in 2011 and now, according to McDonald, supplies 8 percent of the agricultural land purchases there. They’ve launched a branch in India, and looking to expand next to Brazil and Central America.  

One interesting question I have is whether Agroy might be a solution to help  farmers that are facing trade tariffs on their exports.