Kellogg’s and Deliveroo’s Partnership Signals a New Era in Food

The Lempert Report
February 07, 2020

We are headed to a future where food manufacturers act more like restaurants brands and deliver unique and personalized food at scale according to Forbes, at least in the UK.

Kellogg's Kitchen Creations on the Deliveroo platform offers 27 sweet and savoury dishes, all made with Kellogg’s ingredients. Coco Pops Bubble Crepes, Bran Flakes Falafel Wrap and Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Peanut Butter Shake are on the menu for Deliveroo customers in Blackwall and Canary Wharf, London. All dishes are vegetarian and vegan.

The key to success may rest in the hands of Karakuri, a small London-based startup that combines robotics, automation and machine learning. The goals of Karakuri is in better serving consumers according to its website: “We believe that by using robotics we can offer the consumer a greater choice of healthy food, allowing them to customise their meals to suit themselves.” Ocado is an investor in the company.

Karakuri robots are a potential game-changer in food to go. The DK-One model can currently use up to 48 ingredients to create individualized and personalized meals or food items, producing up to 360 meals each hour, or one every 10 seconds.

This is a partnership to watch as retailers and CPG companies start thinking about food as a personalized solution.

For Kellogg’s or any other CPG company this means that the future of food shopping means moving beyond physical supermarket stores and into emerging sales channels, such as Deliveroo.