Kroger Albertson's Merger

The Lempert Report
August 16, 2023

Last week we saw the two CEOs of Albertson's and Kroger issue a video and it looks like they're trying to sell the public on this merger. Just to quote Rodney McMullen, CEO of Kroger. "The combination of Kroger and Albertson's is about creating more opportunities more opportunities for our customers to find the foods they love at lower prices. More opportunities for associates to grow their own their careers with us now and in the future. And the growth extends well outside of our doors. We see more opportunities for our farmers to see more of their crops and more places and more opportunities to bring communities across America to the food families that need to thrive."

So what's really interesting is reading between the lines. This video campaign sends a signal to me that says they're probably a little bit more concerned than they were a couple months ago about this merger. It's currently under antitrust review. The FTC and the Department of Justice are more closely scrutinizing these mega deals. 

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