Kudos to Uber

The Lempert Report
June 22, 2022

Phil: But first, kudos go out to Uber who developed and donated a version of its software to help the United nations deliver food in the Ukraine. Sally, tell us more.

Sally: Phil, this is so wonderful to hear that Uber is doing something really positive with their technology for free. They have offered it to the world food program. And what it's doing is it's helping them get smaller vehicles into areas where they need to get food aid, to be to people. And they can track, they can see when it was delivered. Um, it's wonderful because they've had a hard time with these larger vehicles getting into certain areas.

Phil: Yeah. And kudos go to Uber and anybody that can use what their resources are to help others that are in need. They deserve it. So,let's talk about the price of food and the impact here. What's what's going on, where we should be concerned that today it's cheaper to go out to a restaurant than buy foods in a grocery store.