Marketing in 2015: From Individualization to Authenticity

The Lempert Report
December 15, 2014

The Power of Personalization!

According to branding firm Landor Associates when it comes to marketing, brands will have to become more personal and more authentic in 2015.

Allen Adamson, North America chairman for Landor, told Marketing Daily “You have to be more agile, faster, more flexible and willing to try new things. Doing the same thing you did yesterday is less and less likely to work. People are busier today [with] more multitasking and more scattered than ever before. You need to be simple, sharp and direct.”

As detailed in Marketing Daily he goes on to list some of the top trends for 2015:

First, mass individualism. For example? Coca-Cola in Israel is set to print more than two million individually designed labels for its sodas. “Because digital has made everything personal, consumers expect that in their brand interactions.” 

Another trend? Authenticity and story. Social networking sites have taken brand interactions to the level of friendship. Through sites like  Facebook and Twitter consumers will look for an authenticity and honesty from their favored brands just as they do their friends. So? Landor’s advice? Communicate honestly with consumers to tell a story about your company, ingredients etc etc. 

Furthermore, other studies show that personalization is key. Take for example, a study by Forrester Research, 'Innovate with email to create competitive advantage', that shows 40% of marketers believe failure to innovate with email marketing will result in a loss of customers. 

Supermarkets can learn from such data and trends when reaching out to their own customers. To build trust and loyalty, especially in today’s market where shoppers have so many options, personalization just might make the difference.