McDonald's New UK Menu

The Lempert Report
June 09, 2022

Phil: Right before we went live, I got a new, press release and I am very jealous about this. McDonald's has introduced a new menu for the summer in England. So they're going with the taste of Italy, Spain and Cypress. So the taste of Italy menu, which is available from June 8th to July 26th is the Italian stack, the crispy chicken Italiano, the mozzarella dippers, and a tiramisu McFlurry. And then Spain and Cyprus. These menu items are available from July 27th to September 6th, a spicy Spanish stack, chicken Fiesta, fries, and punch. And I've gotta tell you something, I'm jealous. How come they're doing this in the UK? And not here McDonald's is always struggling for what they're, what you know, to get more people in there that people are saying, there's nothing exciting there. This is exciting. Give it to us. 

Sally: Yeah. So it would be nice for them to change up the menu. I feel like this is something that happens quite often. We see them introducing all of these cool products in other countries, but we don't get them here. 

Phil: You don't.