McDonalds says ‘no more’ to drunk customers!

The Lempert Report
May 20, 2015

The week in Food News!

McDonalds Gets A Breathalyzer! 
A McDonalds in the UK is taking laying down the law on drunk customers! One of the fast food chains locations in Cambridge recently implemented a new policy where customers have to blow into a breathalyzer before entering! Entry will be refused for anyone who registers a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit of 0.8 percent. Why? Well, it's not just to help nearby University Students from making bad diet decisions; it's actually to keep drunk college students out of the restaurant for safety reasons! 

Eat Healthy for Better Brain Power

If you need another reason to eat a healthy diet full of 
fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fish - then here it is! According to a new study, healthy eating is the best way to sustain brain power. The research, published in the journal Neurology tracked the diets and mental states of some 27,860 people, age 55 and over, in 40 middle- and high-income countries for just over five years. Results showed that quality of diet might affect cognitive aging. Those with the healthiest diets were least likely to experience cognitive decline, and those with the least healthy diets were most likely.

There’s a New Hot Donut in Town! 
Sriracha lovers listen up!  Your favorite hot sauce has made its way to the bakery!   Jolie Patisserie, in Harlem New York, is now making a Sriracha donut!  Owner Moha Orchid serves a plain donut, with sour cream and almonds spread on the top and then drizzled with Sriracha! Orchid previously owned a bakery in the West Village but now he’s giving Harlem a try with Jolie Patisserie. He told Tech Times, "Harlem is a challenge because you have no name in the area. Somebody has to be the first." Something tells me this donut might give him the attention he’s looking for!